Who's That Girl?

Who's That Girl?

A naughty naughty Bollywood startlet is developing quite the reputation for promiscuity amongst the filmy lot, to the point that her romp in the hay in the company of a (much-married) actor is still making waves on the celebrity grapevine. What’s most shocking is that the poor little Mrs. knows too but evidentially thinks, “daddy knows best.”



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4 responses to “Psst!

  1. missmalini

    Ok Solipsa if you know your Bollywood then think who’s “Company” she could be keeping!!

  2. Solipsa

    Uh Ho… Now you have to give us more clues on the married man… I neeeeeeeeds to know… 😀

  3. missmalini

    Well you got one right anyway 🙂

  4. seems like esha deol to me…and seems like the much married actor happens to be a certain zayed khan??

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