Night Tribe

Vietnam Style

Vietnam Style

So I’m back after a brilliant week of backpacking in Vietnam where (in addition to a lot of pagoda-hopping) I managed got a taste of the local nightlife. One the most pumping clubs in Hoi An is called “Before and Now” and features some colourful wall art (i.e. super-Bono!) and its there that I realised that party-animals are slowly forming their very own global tribe. Even in this much-ravaged corner of the world people were grooving to hip-hop, flirting with their (potentially steamy) holiday romances, cashing in on happy hour and having an all-round blast with buddies. Eventually we’re all different but pretty much the same and that’s somehow comforting. While for some a great night involves a friendly game of pool, for others nothing less than a bucket of Vodka-Redbull will do!


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