Jab We What?!

Pooja Misra

Pooja Misra

So I got the shock of my life last night while flipping channels when I suddenly chanced upon a show on B4U called “Jab We Talk.” At first I thought this was just one of those fleeting cheesy hotline commercials encouraging lonely hearts to call and talk to (questionably) cute girls. Well turns out Pooja Misra has made a career of it (on week nights) promising to play “love guru” decked out in a tacky black dominatrix ensemble. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m all for reality TV (Cheaters on Reality Zone is hysterical) but is this really what it’s come to? B-grade belle taking 12-rupees-a-minute calls from creepy gents, all the while provocatively stroking a cushion?! (Ironically it was pretty obvious the “caller“ rotating between lovesick, loves-truck and roadside Romeo were the same guy! I’m guessing also part of the hired help.)


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