Smoke’s Up

It’s officially official. Smoking is Banned in Bombay – with a capital B! Night-life (as we know it) will never be the same. I decided to beat the ban and quit myself on October 2nd (the day it kicked in good ‘ol Gandhi-style) so I could feel some kind of misplaced pride at being one with the Nation. yeah, it’s going great. But seriously, unlike most places across the globe where people shrug and drown their ciggy sorrows in a shot glass Mumbai’s nightlife just halved itself. (Or perhaps there’s a really big glass room somewhere filled with shiney shoes – so far Bling is winning.) I suppose there are a few factors to take into consideration. They confiscate your smokes at the door (so boys expect a little extra shake down by the bouncers this time.) And while this is one of those places you could pop outside and pick up the single stick its still a pain in the ass to go downstairs, across the street and around the block. I sympathize with my fellow smokers (who I feel closer to than the non who still eye me suspiciously everytime I give someone “company” outside.)

House party anyone?

(Oh. And if it makes you feel any better, Saif Ali Khan is all for the ban. Me thinks Bebo is too.) Oh and those rumors about them sneaking off and getting hitched – so didn’t happen. Besides what would a guy with a giant tattoo of her name across his forearm possibly have to hide?!


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