El Diva

Saturday night Brabourne stadium radiated the etheral sounds of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted beautifully by Zubin Mehta as one large organic instrument featuring the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo. Now if you’re like me and don’t know a whole lot about opera check this out. He holds a world record for the longest ovation on the operatic stage with 101 curtain calls and 80 minutes non-stop applause after performing Otello (Verdi’s operatic version of Shakespeare’s Othello). Enough said. Also invited to perform was Italian soprano Barbara Frittoli – again apologies for focusing on this but I think its way cool that she’s the voice of the “blue diva” in The Fifth Element!


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  1. Jan de Turovski

    Please stop mentioning Domingos longest applause ever. I’ve been present that night in the Vienna State opera 30th June 1991. The applause was 20 minutes for Sheryll Milnes as Jago, 3o minutes for the loved leaving director of the Vienna state Opera, 25 minutes for Domingo, the rest for the cast. Even the solo applause was mixed with applause for the cast again and again. So, the fairy tale about the record in applause is a pure lie. Domingo himself and the Kennedy centre like to spread it still though in opera circles it is a big laugh. See also article by Mervin Block.
    Poor Domingo, does hereally need to claim untrue records?
    Jan de Turovski

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