Poison Report

Sunny Sara & Michael Delfs

Sunny Sara & Michael Delfs

Nikita Sanyal & Kishor Bajaj

Nikita Sanyal & Kishor Bajaj

DJ Aqeel

DJ Aqeel

Last night Poison’s emerald stairway welcomed Mumbai’s glitterati back in droves including Madhu & Dinesh Nair (Owners of the Leela) Nikhil & Elina Meswani (a rare sighting on the club scene), Kishor Bajaj (and Devraj Sanyal who’ve brought the James Bond Brioni suit to Mumbai!) among several other corporate big wigs. Never far behind a bevy of Bollywood beauties Diya Mirza, Shveta Salve and Sonali Bendre busted all their moves on the dance floor. The entire Khan clan was there of course including Fardeen, Zayed, Natasha & Laila. As expected everyone immediately gravitated to the original VIP deck on autopilot till they realised several new “I’m Somebody” sections had been installed around the dance floor (with exceptionally good views of the blond babes grinding away to glory on the bar.) The previously incognito floating VVIP room with velvet chairs now christened the platinum lounge features an open balcony (all the better to see and be seen at) Also Poison’s Purple Lounge is now the fully white “Poison Future” (aka the smoking room.) But the night’s piece de resistance came from an impromptu dance number by none other than Hrithik Roshan in what appeared to be a visual serenade for his wife Suzzane. With brand new sound, flooring and furniture Poison is all set to reclaim top seed with Mumbai’s club crew. P.S. Poison Goa opens October 25th


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