Backstage with Shamita II

So our fittings are finally over after five very long days. I won’t lie… It hasn’t been fun. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. This profession only looks glamorous, but when you see the other side of its exhausting. The next few days will definitely be more entertaining as there will be a flurry of activities and rumor has it that there is a secret model lounge being constructed in the basement with beds so we can catch a nap between shows which I am really looking forward to!





This fashion week might be showcasing spring summer 2009 but all of us were joking as to how this is more like a ‘Frock and Gown festival with tick-tock shoes’. Barring a few designers, most of them have loose fitted silhouettes and award ceremony inspired gowns. Speaking of which, I particularly liked Swapnil Shinde’s gowns this time. He has definitely come a long way. And the colors that Arshiya Fakih has used in her collection for Araiya. Her only accessories this time are a pair of sunglasses which are quite funky.

Dipanita Sharma, Dipti Gurjral, Nethra Raghuraman, Diandra Soares & Nina Manuel

Diandra Soares , Nethra Raghuraman, Dipti Gurjral, Dipanita Sharma & Nina Manuel

A bunch of our regular girls are back from another fashion week so it was fun to hang out with them telling us stories of the past week in Delhi. Sabhyasachi very carefully and thoughtfully put his finale collection together, fitting us all patiently one by one.

But next seasons fashion is definitely not patient. Colors are extremely varied like a box of crayons.  This trend is clearly hinting that the coming summer season has absolutely no rules and no boundaries. Contrasting colors are being thrown in together, shoes and belts don’t match anymore, punk rock meets sophistication. Co ordination can become a crime. Fashion is finally free!


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