Backstage with Shamita VI

Day 4 Exhausted faces backstage, was all one could see on day 4, not only the models but even the behind the scenes crew members. By now we were expecting everyone’s catty claws out, but despite the occasional snapping the atmosphere was quite chilled. And the yummy chocolate ice cream that is available freely for all of us backstage also helped quite a bit. In fact did I mention this? Not just ice cream but loads of food and snacks are always around for us to munch on between shows. (it’s a different thing we don’t get the time!) There are also three other lounges available for those on a liquid diet. So in the gratification department we are all set!

Models Backstage

Models Backstage

The rest of the day went quite smoothly (almost mechanically) except for a few usual hiccups like for double designer shows where they fight over a common makeup look, due to which our make up process gets seriously delayed leaving us no time for rehearsals. Luckily we are professional enough to make the whole show look seamless and smooth even without the rehearsals.

The finale by Vikram Phadnis was definitely the highlight of day 4. True to the word ‘SHOWTIME’ it was worth a watch. With Shiamak Davar and his dancers performing, it definitely added to the already high glam quotient of the flamboyant creations of Vikram Phadnis. Priyanka Chopra was back again to do the finale walk. Wendell Rodricks sat in the front row and applauded the white gown Priyanka Chopra wore. He sat with Celina Jaitley and couldn’t stop complimenting the gown. So the show ended on a high note and we cant wait for tomorrow. It’s the last day!


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