Boo Factor


This one's particularly handy when warding off the real police from Halloween after parties. Just learn enough Marathi to pull off a genuine "Sagla vyavastheet aahey."

"Ees Nice. I Like!"

Borat: "Ees Nice, I Like!"

So for once the fashion police took a break from raising eyebrows at the choice of party-animal attire in Mumbai over the weekend. (Halloween pretty much lets you get away with everything anyway) and even those that hadn’t actually dressed any differently than normal fit right into the holiday spirit (albeit a little surprised when people commented on their “awesome costume dude!”)

Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi

The Puddy Cat Dolls

The Puddy Cat Dolls

Tarana Raja Kapoor as Trinity from The Matrix was a big hit.

Tarana Raja Kapoor as Trinity from The Matrix.

Me & my crew went as Banjarans (aka Gypsies)

Me & my crew went as Banjarans (aka Gypsies)

Mumbai’s party scene saw a spat (or should I say “expat”) of Halloween inspired bashes on Friday & Saturday at East, Dragon Fly, Hard Rock Cafe, Polly Esther’s & Rock Bottom – each claiming to be the biggest and baddest of them all with varying degrees of success. I’m not sure of it’s pure love for pumpkin day or just a sweet way to cash in on the recent costume craze but the club crew welcomed the novelty of it all quite willingly. Speaking of which can somebody please open a costume rental shop in Mumbai? Unfortunately Maganlal Dresswalla just doesn’t cut it anymore and you’ll make mega bucks if you store a range of Bollywood inspired ensembles! (You can thank me later for your multi-million dollar empire idea.)


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One response to “Boo Factor

  1. Gaurav

    I think our celebs need to be more carefree and dress up really scary. If Heidi could go the Kali mata way, they can atleast be a skeleton. The gypsies were the best u know!

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