GUESS What We’re Selling?

Models with John Marcheschi

Models with John Marcheschi

Last night Gc (Guess Collection) Watches launched in India at a smokey soiree over cocktails and casino chips. The real shocker of course was that Mumbai’s well-heeled showed up for an 8:30pm event at 9:30pm! This, I’m guessing (pardon the pun) must be some kind of Fashion Week hangover where the fashionably late missed most of the fashion. But anyway, today’s party trend is to get a social butterfly to play host for you which Anish Trivedi (sans Cigar since the smoking ban) did with elan at the Trident Hotel Regal Room. (That’s the hotel previously-known-as-the-Hilton-formerly-known-as-the-Oberoi) while everyone bounced to the beat of DJ Megha Kawale.

Narendra Kumar Ahmed and Nina Manuel

Narendra Kumar Ahmed and Nina Manuel

Black Jack

Black Jack

Among the first few to arrive were Dolly Thakore, Krsna Mehta, Vijay Kalantri and Rashmi Uday Singh followed by Kim Sharma, Narendra Kumar Ahmed (revealing that he needed to go hat shopping), Kadambari, Monica Vazirali, Esther & Raju Daswani, Lubna Adams, Naaz & Remu Zaveri (who seemed to be on a roll at the blackjack table), Ganesh Hegde, Chaya Momaya and Ashish Raheja with his new foreign flame.


Brazilian Models

At some point 12 Brazilian models sashayed through the crowd and I can safely say the watches adorned on their black-gloved hands were not what everyone was staring at.

Carol Gracias

Carol Gracias

Lisa Haydon and Karan Bhoj

Lisa Haydon and Karan Bhoj

The desi model brigade trooped in later including Kelly Dorjee, Carol Gracias, Mashoom Singha, Nina Manuel (with her after hours camera crew), and Lisa Haydon with DJ-boyfriend Karan Bhoj (psst He’s Nina Manuel’s ex – good thing the Joker was MIA!)



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