Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama

Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama

So it’s finally happened. The winds of change have blown in and cleared the air of discontent around the world. And while the cynics scoff I feel like we’ve all been very fortunate to witness what will perhaps be rememebered as the most significant moment in the history of our generation. Barack Obama – here’s a man who represents freedom, truth, equality and change; and suddenly the political arena has a charismatic icon everyone is watching, so move over Hollywood.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.

(By the way is it just me or is his new chief of staff Rahm Emanuel aka “Rahmbo” the spitting image of Robert Downey Jr.?) I bet someone in Hollywood’s already writing the screenplay. This should be fun. from the Black Eyed Peas put together this amazing representation of Obama’s inspiring “Yes we can” speech. Check it out!


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  1. deepti

    It is indeed an experience of a lifetime which will surely go down in history..I have a thought to add though which stems from the statement he made in relation to seances in the White house..when asked if he had spoken to past presidents of the US ofA he said that he had spoken to all those alive as “he did not want to get into the Nancy Reagan thing of seances”..He seemed to have his facts wrong when he mentioned Nancy Reagan’s name as it was not her,but reportedly, Hillary Clinton who used to have seances ..Looks like after 8 years of Bush-isms, United States has found a suitable replacement for its predecessor:)..In all seriousness, here’s hoping that he comes better prepared for press conferences during his tenure and avoids making such casual, off handed remarks, which in fact might be in bad taste.

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