So I’m back from a fantastic weekend in Goa and (if at all possible) I highly recommend it! Nothing like a quick escape to recharge your batteries (and the overnight sleeper train from Mumbai is surprisingly comfy.)

DJ Aqeel
DJ Aqeel
DJ Aqeel

So I told you Shiro and Poison have joined forces to create a super club on the beaches of Candolim. It’s really quite a sight. They’ve even thrown in those little red floating lights for full effect around the lavish stone statue flanked dance floor. Besides its quite a trippy experience to be right on the water’s edge and a glass door away from your chosen sound of bliss EDM or the equally mesmerizing sounds of the sea. The weekend bonus turned out to be DJ Aqeel on deck spinning up a storm of house tunes that had everyone bopping to his beat (he even threw in some Bollywood by popular demand.) The club has its official-official kick off this weekend and plans to feature hot talent from around the globe who probably won’t think twice about accepting a gig this close to paradise.


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