Sheesh Ashish.

Ashish Raheja

Ashish Raheja

Here’s the scoop on my Goa run-in with the notorious Mr. Ashish Raheja. After introducing us to his “wife” Monique (a pretty Australian model he’s been seeing lately) he proceeded to make a variety of wildly inappropriate sexual comments – involving her – for (what I can only imagine was) entertainment value and went on to insinuate that any girl who didn’t throw herself at him was probably a lesbian (or just a little out of touch with Page 3 perhaps?) At any rate for someone considered to be one of India’s most eligible bachelors I’m really not that surprised he’s single!



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2 responses to “Sheesh Ashish.

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  2. Gaurav

    Is this the thing which u wanted to say on radio but u hesitated??Oooooh..its controversial

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