Shibani’s Sojourne



So guess what? Our very own Alanis-meets-Sheryl Crow rocker-chick Shibani Kashyap’s been up to? She’s joined hands with an ecclectic mix of musicians (five to be precise – three guitar playeres cum vocalists, one bass player and a drummer) and set off on a musical escapade that sounds quite promising. 

Apart from their own accoustic originals, they cover Sting, Sade, Alanah Myles, The Corrs Europe and Nelly Furtardo clearly partial to the whole unplugged effect. If you can still hum the chorus of “Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat” from her first album it’s time for a refresher!

(And just for kicks here’s the pop video which was all the rage – shot in the backwaters of Kerela way back when.)


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