My Big Fat Indian Item Girl

Aish Ansari

Aish Ansari

Dhoni and Aish Ansari

Dhoni and Aish Ansari

Oh look, another remix album with a porky item girl. How refreshing. ‘Boom Boom’ (featuring remix versions of  Nazia Hassan’s album) subjects us to several minutes of grinding by South Indian actress Aish Ansari. I love that the PR mailer I got said, “Her sexy gyrations numbed not only crew but visiting guest, Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.” Come to think of it numbed is probably a very fair way to put it. Apparently this Aish want’s to make it big “just like Dhoni,” well if it’s big they’re looking for…



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4 responses to “My Big Fat Indian Item Girl

  1. jagdish

    hiii dear i am jagdish from madhya pradesh ok now seen a ur id ur grlimodel is so nice plz reqrd some time cont ur mb no byyyyyyyy

  2. wgunjan

    isnt she rakhi sawantz sista ??

  3. deepti

    i didnt particularly want to write this but my curiosity gets the better of me.are those oh-so-voluptuous curves for real?!(ahem).well,she sure looks like India’s answer to Pamela Anderson..[:)]

  4. Rishio

    hahahahahaha bole toh itemmmmm

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