All in the Family

Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan

Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan

So it’s (almost) official. Saif Ali Khan is off the market. I’d never have pegged him the mushy type but boy is he head over heels in love with Kareena Kapoor! (I guess a little heart attack is all you need to put things in perspective sometimes.) Apparently Saif is a changed man, he doesn’t smoke, drink or party anymore.

Word on the vine is that Kareena is already considered part of the pataudi clan and Saif of the Kapoor’s. Saif went as far as to say, “Yes, Kareena has been invited to Pataudi. It’d have been earlier, but it was too hot. Winter is when our family reunions happen every year. And Kareena is now part of the family. My parents are extremely fond of Kareena.” He’s also a big fan of big sis Karishma (or is it Charisma now?) and beau Sanjay Kapoor and raves about them regularly.

Usually of course Bollywood bachelor’s shy away from making sweeping commitments but he went on to say, “this relationship is ‘IT’ for me. Today I feel very settled and very happy. Though a bit lonely. And when I’ve bad days, I feel I’m being ungrateful. I’m now looking forward to settling down with Kareena. Our marriage will happen very shortly as soon as we both have a little less work on hand and we can give the marriage quality time. Also, her family has to be ready for our marriage.” Now isn’t that’s enough to make any girl’s heart go careening?



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2 responses to “All in the Family

  1. Kamilla

    Ooh, Saif, plz wait for me!!!!! =)

  2. B

    I think these two deserve each other 😉

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