Air Play

Nikki Bedi & Me

Nikki Bedi & Me

I had the best day! I managed to find my way by tube and then train to Birmingham and back (and for those who know me know this is no mean feat. I have absolutely no sense of direction.) So we did the show live in the BBC Asia Networks studio. Amazing space, loads of very friendly people (Nikki herself is simply awesome, very down to earth, friendly with a wicked sense of humor) and it was inside a mall! Anyway take a listen and tell me what you think!


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One response to “Air Play

  1. Steve

    Humne aap ko suna tha 🙂
    U sounded so clear!
    But that’s because u were live.

    Yeah, Nikki’s really very nice.
    She’s always rescuing people all the time!

    The MailBox is a very interesting place.

    My fave place is opposite the Asian Network.
    They do nice coffee there.

    Ur brave passing through Birmingham New Street!
    It’s sheer madness there!

    U should’ve taken Nikki a box of tissues!
    She’s been ill for days.

    Can’t u fly down every Monday??

    Get back safely Miss Malini!

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