Swan Lake in Hyde Park


So I know this sounds a little “barbie” but I’ve been admiring all the winter-combos people have put together on the streets of London. I think it was 6 degrees today and the bright side was having an excuse to wear this hat! 

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Oh, and we may have the monopoly on cows at crossings in Mumbai but check out who hangs out in Hyde Park! They’re “protected” though if they’re ankle tags are anything to go by so don’t even think about taking one home – but feel free to bring lunch.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

This, for the uninitiated is where Princess Diana used to live after her official separation from Prince Charles. Apparently the row of flowers placed in mourning after news of her horrible accident stretched across the entire breadth of the park in what will always be remembered as the world’s largest National outpouring of grief. 



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2 responses to “Swan Lake in Hyde Park

  1. Wow… that’s so pretty… Have a great time! 🙂
    Yeah, I miss my Chicago winter clothes too, sometime… but only sometime! Couldn’t stand the cold for longer than five minutes!

  2. my swan song by the bee gees in fascinating hydebirdpark

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