New York, New York.

The Snowflake Orchestra

The Snowflake Orchestra

The Rockerfeller Centre tree

The tree @ Rockefeller Center

Sorry for the delay in updating you but I’ve spent the last 24 hours soaking up the New York City vibe. (Apart from the fact that its 2 degrees outside and the rain melted the snow before I got my trusted camera out for winter wonderland pictures; everything’s exactly as I had imagined it!) I’m told however that the whole jingle bell scene is considerable muted this year since the economy is playing Grinch but the Rockefeller Center tree is still sparkling and I saw a snowflake inspired light display timed to fairytale tunes too! Also, on the upside shopping is a dream since its not as crowded and almost everything is half price even just before Christmas.

Me @ the Disney Store

Me @ the Disney Store

Green Santa

Green Santa

The Ugly Doll

The Ugly Doll

Ok I confess. I love toy stores. I don’t think toy store visits should be confined to little people or those who chaperon them and if you’ve been holding back I suggest you let loose and visit one today for a delightful sensory overdose of color, cuteness and stuff you never had when you were a kid. I had just about come to terms with Guitar Hero when out of nowhere comes “Green Santa” (yup you guessed it he’s the Al Gore of  the North Pole!) Oh and then there’s a runaway success “the ugly doll” which is actually kind of cute in an ugly but tolerable way…  the rest of my day went shopping (which takes a lot longer when every trip to the trial room requires the removal of 5 layers of clothing), watching the worst movie of all time (The Day the Earth stood still – seriously Keanu what is going on?) but the popcorn was buttered and I managed a nice long cosy nap and then after an outstanding dinner downtown at an Italian place called Otto’s,  we ended up gate crashing a double birthday party (yup imagine sharing a birthday with your boyfriend!) And today I think I’m ready for another delightful (albeit hungover) day out in the big apple.

The Apple store

The Apple store

I took this one especially for all the boys (and girls) who love their apple toys. Oh and speaking of apple, we’re staying at a lovely little hotel on East 51st Street called The Pod Hotel. Surprisingly stylish on a budget (the rooms are small but cosy at less then 100$ a night just before Christmas) plus you’re a hop, skip and jump away from 5th Avenue, remember that for when you visit!



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6 responses to “New York, New York.

  1. missmalini

    Good to hear Malika will try to keep it juicy 🙂

  2. Malika

    Malini, your blog has me hooked – entertaining and juicy. Will keep coming back for more.

  3. Ravi

    Tell me Mal…what is that light blue thing with yellow eyes and two buck teeth, standing next to the ugly doll in the pic above?

  4. deepti

    maliniiiiiiiiii……wishing u a very ‘white’ and merry xmas!:)..gorgeous pics!!..envy envy all the way..:)

  5. Hey Malini…
    More jealousy! Disney store… toy stores… did you visit the flagship Toys ‘R’ Us? Oh you lucky ducky!
    Have fun!

  6. Steve

    Congrats on getting there in one piece!

    Can’t believe u managed to waste 2 precious hours of ur life on that Keanu film!
    But u got to nap, so not too bad 🙂

    More pics please Malini/Tanisha ji!

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