Good Times. Swimsuit Calendar Style!


Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long I spent the first week of 2009 enjoying the last week of my holiday veggie-style (you know, when you make like a vegetable and do just about nothing.) But now I’m back and two flights later absolutely wide awake at 2:40am. Ah jet lag my old friend. Sadly the Hong Kong part of my voyage has been called off but this weekend still looks promising. I guess I was just destined to take another flight…

Our very own desi Richard Branson the notorious Mr. Vijay Mallya is all set to launch his legendary (and fairly steamy) Kingfisher Calender for 2009. The 7th edition of the widely acclaimed and coveted Kingfisher Swimsuit Calender Special will be unveiled on January 11 over an exclusive brunch hosted by Mr Mallya at Emporia Mall in New Delhi. Of course they’re flying the who’s who of Mumbai society down for the do. We’ve learnt to expect nothing less from the extravagant King of Good Times!

P.S The globally acclaimed, multi-award winning, limited edition, Kingfisher Calendar 2009 is shot by ace photographer Atul Kasbekar bringing 12 months of sheer glitz and glamour. The Kingfisher Calendar 2009 promises to be an extraordinary combination of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, which comes together to create “a magical spa for the soul” – and the party should be a really good time! Watch this space for pictures (and if we’re lucky a little video too.)


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One response to “Good Times. Swimsuit Calendar Style!

  1. Gaurav Srivastava

    Alibi its good..but newness is not looks to be copy of french photographers..

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