Beefing up for Bollywood

Anand Suryavanshi

Anand Suryavanshi

Anand Suryavansh

Anand Suryavansh

Ever since the hit formula became the “fit” formula in Bollywood everybody who’s (well… not really anybody!) is pumping iron. Take Anand Suryavanshi clearly going for John Abraham’s signature Dostana look – big guns and snug briefs. If he looks vaguely familiar its from his role as Navdeepak Raj on the TV soap Grihasthi. Apparently Anand’s prepping for swimming pool sequence which he feels “should remind his body of John in Dostana.” Wow, maybe you want to rephrase that Anand, unless you had some real “Dostana” on your mind when you said that!


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One response to “Beefing up for Bollywood

  1. Shilpa

    Yeah rephrase and also needs to submerge himself thoda further into the pool… 😉 Just by an inch maybe 🙂

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