Daddy Cool

Yaana Gupta

Yaana Gupta

Clearly Mumbai is developing a musical ear (for something other than mindless masala mixes) and I have to confess, initially I was pretty skeptical about Yaana (the-Czech-model-actress-formerly-married-to-the-painter-Satyakam-Gupta-but-she’s-keeping-the-name-thank-you-very-much)  Gupta pulling it off as a soulful songstress but you know what? She kinda did.

(No mean feat especially when you’ve been pegged the original Bollywood “item girl” by all and sundry.) Her yet unreleased album is called “I Believe in Love.”

The man behind the plan and what intends to be known as Daddy’s WindSong Wednesday’s Sameer (model-actor-formerly-married-to-Sapna-Bhavnani) Malhotra aka “Daddy” really may have hit upon something quite fantastic. Breeze, booze and beautiful music is quite a heady combination especially where you least expect to find a smokey blues bar vibe – on a terrace in Juhu!

Yaana was the first performer but before long we got a sneak preview of the weeks to come with excellent renditions in different styles by Yana’s boyfriend Ankur Tewari (his song Musafir is brilliant) and Anushka Manchanda (what a voice on that girl) who conjured up a cheeky refrain about a boy.

Riyaaz Amlani, Sameer Malhotra & Rizwan Amlani

Riyaaz Amlani, Sameer Malhotra & Rizwan Amlani

Nethra Raghuraman

Nethra Raghuraman


Cyrus Sahukar & Yudistir

Candice Pinto, Anchal Kumar & Shonali Nagrani

Candice Pinto, Anchal Kumar & Shonali Nagrani

Riyaaz Amlani, Rizwan Amlani & Sameer Malhotra played host to a motley crew of pretty people at Il Terrazzo on Wednesday Night including  Candice Pinto, Nethra Raghuraman, Aanchal Kumar, Shamita Singha, Mashoom Singha, Svetlana, HardKaur, Sunny Sara (the entire VJ brigade) Juhi, Anushka Manchanda, Yudishtir Urs, Gaurav Kapur, Cyrus Sahukar and Nikhil Chinapa.

Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda

So the next time you’re craving a little unplugged action head over to the terrace, I wouldn’t miss next week – Anushka’s  up and damn she’s good!


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