The Fight Club

After the very filmy spat between the show’s host Sajid Khan and best director award winner Ashutosh Gowarikar at the recent Star Screen Awards, it seems the industry has put Sajid in the dog house despite sister Farah Khan’s attempts to smooth things over on stage (which I’m not sure she did very well either…)

Subhash Ghai has gone all out by sending text messages to everyone in his phone book saying “All respected filmmakers and artistes fully support Ashutosh Gowarikar’s stand to speak on Screen awards against the cheap and humiliating jokes on industry people in public, where they are supposed to honour the contestants and the winners… it was height of making commercial awards function as a cheap entertainment show at the cost of celebrities, artistes and individuals. Industry shall stop going to attend such functions in future if such arrogance continues.”

If you’re just hearing about this,  the drama went down in Mumbai on January 14. As a co-host of the Star Screen Awards, along with his sister Farah, Sajid had been cracking jokes at the expense of several celebrities. When Ashutosh Gowarikar came on stage to accept his award, he voiced his displeasure at Sajid’s humour and also the fact that he was not allowing many award winners to give an acceptance speech. He also said that the people would rather listen to the artistes than Sajid’s jokes.

When Sajid told him that the jokes were part of the script, Ashu asked him to shut up and walked off. Not one to let things slide, Sajid put in the last word saying, “Nobody’s father can ask me to shut up”.

Now play nice boys or I’ll tell mom.



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8 responses to “The Fight Club

  1. aumi

    Good on Ashutosh and even though we couldn’t hear the poor guys responses due to him being in the audience, his awards spoke louder than any of sajid’s stupid cheap jokes. talent speaks for itself!

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  3. Devi

    The spat should be an eye opener for the event sponsors and organisers, for not allowing this type of people like Sajid Khan male joke out of great people and actors.
    And yes, Farah should know that it was Asutosh who was called to the Oscars for Lagaan, not her.Because she can only make crap movies like Om shanti om and it can never reach Oscars.And Sajid you too, copying a holywood movie to Hey Baby can never make you a great like Asutosh.

  4. Lipika

    Hats off to Ashutosh Gowariker for voicing such an honest and brave hearted opinion in public and I do agree with you Suchi, for pointing out the fact that the very great SRK and Saif too, didn’t fall any short of passing demeaning remarks on everyone they choose… infact, they insulted just about anybody for the sake of entertainment.
    So, a personal word from me to SRK “It is a material world after all and yet, it isn’t for many.”
    whereas for the “host and dost” Sajid … “bachcho jab baap ke baap ne bola to sorry bolna hi pada na.. kab tak phudkega!”

  5. Suchi

    Ashutosh Gowariker….high regards to you for standing against this crap. Sajid khan cannot even be called a comedian because I don’t laugh on any of his stupid jokes. And what does Farah know about Oscar? Making a hit has many attributes and Farah your success is attributed mostly for being in the SRK circle. Come out of it and see where you stand. Both the brother and sister need a lesson on humility and good speech. Next time talk about people of your camp and see the result. Last thing, Farah and Sajid you can never reach the caliber of Ashutosh so shut your disrespectful mouth (as rightly said by Ashutosh).

  6. Parul Gupta

    I think this objection should have been raised even in last year show, hosted by ‘Sharukh Khan’ and ‘Saif Ali Khan’. Both of these guys made fun of many celebrities to the level of indignifying and insulting their images!
    They both are equally responsible for this ‘on-show cheapness’, along with Sajid Khan.

  7. Balaji

    I completely agree with Ashu’s comments that night. Sajid is a third rate comedian whereas Ashutosh is a world class film maker who gave us great films in Lagaan, Swades and Jodha Akbar.

    I was rolling on the floor laughing when Farah Khan mentioned about the ‘music starts playing after 40 seconds’ after every Oscar award’s announcement. Most award acceptance speeches at the Oscars cross 60 seconds and some of them are part of Oscars folklore. One can find some great Oscar acceptance speeches on Youtube.

    Humour is ok at any awards function but one should not cross the line. Sajid went overboard many times that night. Whatever happened that night should serve as an eye opener to the script writers, anchors, organisers and sponsors of such awards functions.

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