Good Girls Ink.

Nikki Bedi

Nikki Bedi

So if you were tuned in to the Nikki Bedi show today you must have heard our whole good girls v/s bad girls on the tattoo situation! I asked Nikki for a picture of her tattoo for you and voila…

Deepak (my big bro) & Me and the tattoo!

Deepak (my big bro), Me and my tattoo!

Oh and here’s mine… FYI it means “Love, Life & Loyalty.” (The heart = love, the Egyptian Ankh = life and the ring = loyalty.) Dig?



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2 responses to “Good Girls Ink.

  1. Shilpa

    I disagree with Mohit. I think your tattoo is pretty cool! Nikki’s on the other hand…erm…better not to say.. šŸ™‚

  2. Mohit

    And the reason it’s on your back is coz you’ve turned your back on all three? Personally, I find them all to be over-rated…;)

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