Murder On The Menu.

Murder on the Menu

Murder on the Menu

Cast of Murder on the Menu

Cast of Murder on the Menu

I’m a big fan of dinner-theatre. Any meal time that can be converted into an interactive extravaganza is actually fine by me, and that’s exactly what they did to unveil the new rooms & villas at Ramada Caravela beach resort in Goa – with Raell Padamsee’s “Murder On The Menu.” Murder, suspense, accusations and mystery (well, almost everything you get reality TV-esque at most Page 3 events in Mumbai these days) gave everyone a chance to play “cluedo” in the flesh. Starring Anju Taraporvala,  Ambika Sanjana, Dilnaz Irani, Shivani Ajmera, Shahriyar Attai, Karla Singh, Advait Hazarat, Samar Sarila and Farid Currim put on quite a show !

Top that up with a lavish poolside dinner and the company of Esther Raju Daswani, Nisha Javeri Kavita, Jasjit Singh Gulu and  Prema Jagtiani and you’re pretty likely to come back for Act two!


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