Star-crossed: Celebrity Fights.

Lalit Tehlan and Rohit Bal

Lalit Tehlan and Rohit Bal

Social events are slowly picking up in the city of Mumbai again, although I met Narendra Kumar Ahmed (the fashion designer) at a club opening (an extension of Vie in Juhu called C’est La Vie in Bandra which is looking to be a recreational club for the elite with an annual membership – they have a swimming pool, spa and one of the best chef’s in town so that helps!) and he was saying he’s pretty much retired his “party hat” this year. Although the trend he started in social circles caught on quick and many others are working this accessory to the max lately, but he’s still going for a hat-free 2009 – or at least till he feels the city has properly healed.

In fact even the parties that did happen with Mumbai’s rich and restless in attendance were all tinged with a little too much negative energy resulting a series of skirmishes…


Models at the bash (before the bashing began!)

Rohit Bal and Inder Baweja

Rohit Bal and Inder Baweja

Inder Baweja

Inder Baweja

First up Rohit Bal’s ex and current flame had another cat (or shall I say Queen?) fight over a casual “hello” kiss. Ironically this wasn’t the first, just before the release of Madhur Bhandarkar’s flick “Fashion” at a fashion show last year Rohit Bal (aka Gudda’s) former boyfriend Inder Baweja got all riled up when he witnessed ‘Gudda’ with his current boyfriend Lalit Tehlan on the dance floor. Inder flung a chair and the evening rapidly turned into a (only slightly comical) topless fashion “bash” between models and the media.

At the Star Screen awards there was another filmy spat between the show’s host Sajid Khan and best director award winner Ashutosh Gowarikar.

And finally at the FHM India – Manzoni Style Icon Awards, the most stylish industrialist award winner Yash Birla almost stormed out when he saw Vikram Chatwal show up since they had a fall out two months ago, at Natasha Nanda’s birthday party in New Delhi when Vikram allegedly misbehaved with Yash’s wife Avanti Birla. The following morning, Vikram was packed off to London by the family, who apologized profusely to the Birlas on his behalf. Since then those close to the Birla’s have struck Chatwal off their guest list. This was his first visit to the city after that episode.

2008 ended with the clash of the Khans and so far this year it looks like the stars up high still aren’t aligned for the stars down here, and yes, I’ll keep you posted!



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