Home Sweet Home

The other day I was surfing channels and came across the most amazing thing. A Dido song with a video featuring an Indian girl driving a taxi around Mumbai with various people getting in and out. So I did my homework and found out that Dido actually started this very cool project asking short film directors around the world to come up with their own interpretations of a song each from her new album Safe Trip Home. (You can watch the rest here.)

The one from Mumbai is directed by the clearly very talented Siddarth Sikand who chose the song “Let’s Do The Things We Normally Do” and put together this moving vision. I guess for anyone from Mumbai (or once you’ve spent enough time here) this video really strikes a chord. The silent commute where we live so much of our lives…

Shahana Goswami

Shahana Goswami

Siddarth also revealed that the star of the short film Shahana Goswami (aka Payal Gandhi in Yun Hota yo Kya Hota, Gina Fernandes in Honeymoon Travels & Debbie in Rock On!) didn’t know how to drive at all and learnt everything over a ten-day (aptly titled) crash course!

[Some of Siddarth’s other work includes a Channel [v] video featuring VJ Lola Kutty to promote Boney M’s greatest hits album in India and  a ringtone video filmed as a tribute to Ram Gopal Verma. Coming soon a Kung Fu style commercial for Bajaj Alliance.]



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4 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Shilpa

    I read about this when I was digging for info on Shahana Goswami as I thought she was fab in Rock On! and was wondering why I had never seen her in anything before. Will have to check out this video now for sure! Also apparently Shahana did not know who Dido even was 🙂

    I watched this movie a long time ago –
    and was very excited to see there was an Indian Taxi driver singing about love in the beginning of the movie with I believe Drew Barrymore and Ed Norton sitting in the back seat. I must look for the video on youtube….

  2. missmalini

    Totally, I’ve paid more attention to the song since I saw the video! Plus what a cool idea 🙂

  3. Karan

    this is very cool… I saw that video too and wondered what it was for. The question is, does this help Dido win fans in India? what do you think?

  4. Great stuff! 🙂 See… there are other Indians making us proud as well… so what if they don’t get to the Golden Globes or Oscars!

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