Smile for Oscar, Pinki.

Oscar Statuettes


So you’re probably well aware of the 10 Oscar nominations Slumdog Millionaire has bagged but get this,  “Smile Pinki” a 39 minute short film in Hindi and Bhojpuri, directed by Emmy-nominated producer Megan Mylan has also been nominated in the ‘Best Short Documentary’ category.

Set in Varanasi, Smile Pinki revolves around a six-year-old girl from Mirzapur named Pinki who can’t go to school because of her cleft lip.  A simple surgery can fix this, but instead she has to face social ostracism, until she meets Pankaj, a social worker who ensures that Pinki gets a free surgery and we get a real world fairy-tale.

Another film in the running for the ‘Best Short Documentary’ Oscar is “The Final Inch” by Irene Taylor Brodsky and Tom Grant. No prizes for guessing that this too is setin India, this documentary deals with the protagonist Muhammed Gulzar’s battle with polio.

Now all we need is a true blue Indian director to make a film based in India that gets the same sort of attention. (Perhaps the non musical kind.)



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6 responses to “Smile for Oscar, Pinki.

  1. Geetanjali

    thats really nice that india is going ahead.

  2. megan
    where can I buy the dvd

  3. Dear Megan/pinki
    where can I see this movie . are DVd’s available

  4. Shilpa

    sweeeeeet! go INDIA 🙂

  5. Deepti

    just a thought..y is India invariably depicted in movies/books in ‘poor’ light..pun intended!.to cite an example, i would also like to refer to gregory roberts’ “shantaram”..agreed its a biography of sorts..but nevertheless, again depicting the slum culture in Bombay..

    and no, i dont want to get into the “resilience” (am tired of this word now,it has been beaten to death by the world galore when used in our context),”determination” or “against all odds” or any other aspect that is reflected in these movies/books..being an Indian, nobody needs to drive ‘that’ into my head..

    I wonder if the slum dwellers are even aware of the amount of moolah that has been/is being raked in by prominent writers/movie makers on their account by writing or by making motion pictures based on their lives..if not, an educational programme about royalty and copyright laws to them is a definate must!!!..they will definitely be appalled when they are made aware of the amount of money that is made at their expense..!

    p.s. a li’l diversion but am curious to know,has anybody read “Q&A” by Vikas Swaroop?.am trying to get a hand on this one, but upto no avail!

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