Preity Loud Party!

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta

Guess who turned 34 on Saturday? And as if that wasn’t depressing enough the poor girl’s birthday celebrations nearly ended with the arrival of the Mumbai police after the neighbors complained. (Now I don’t know about you but if Preity Zinta was having a rocking birthday party next door I doubt very much I’d call the police. I’d either a) find a vantage point and take pictures b) show up with cookies and laughing say “Aren’t you glad I’m not one of those neighbors who’d call the police and ruin your party? Instead I’ve decided to join you… happy happy!” That way everybody wins rights?
Come on what’s a little friendly blackmail between neighbours.

Ironically the complaints came from a nearby slum about the volume of her speakers (do I hear another blaupunkt commercial thumping into life?)  Once the police came and left the music went right on bopping and presuably so did the guests including Shah Rukh Khan plus entourage and even old-timer Chunky Pandey. The police have decided to have the last word on this and stated (for the record that) “an appropriate penalty would be charged from the actress.” Bet she’s thinking isn’t aging punishment enough?!



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3 responses to “Preity Loud Party!

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  2. missmalini

    Hi Alia that was “Crazy” by Seal!

  3. Alia

    will u pls tell me which song u played before JAI HO on the 2nd of february 2009 at around 11pm. i need the name of the the song urgently and cant remember it.thx alot

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