What Are You Missing? (on missmalini)

Me @ Work!

Me @ Work!

In case you’ve only recently stumbled upon my blog I thought I’d steer you in the direction of stuff I think you’ll like. (Feel free to prowl the archives in your own for more too.)

Poor little Rich Girls.

Dating a banker Anonymous for the girls who just lost their pretty little expense accounts. Get a job.

Home Sweet Home

The Dido video made in Mumbai. Sweeeet!

Star-crossed: Celebrity Fights.

Bollywood goes bonkers and the gloves are off.

Mirror Image

Asin & Deepika – seperated at birth?

Girl-friendly Skies

My letter to Richard Branson – lets fly “social class.”

The Rahul Syndrome

What’s in a name? How Rahul’s ruling Bollywood.

A Place called Ku.

Goa. Sun, sand and zen.

Sheesh Ashish.

My run in with the notorious Mr. Raheja.

Mera Naam Joker

Nina Manuel’s main squeeze is no joke.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Abdul Halder’s Spring Summer style.

Read This!

“Everyone worth knowing.” Totally worth reading.

Jab We What?!

Pooja Misra, what were you thinking?

Supersize This!

Antilla. The Ambani’s modest little high-rise home.


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