Shah Rukh Khan Gets Knifed on V-Day.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

While people romantic rendevous next Saturday Shah Rukh Khan will be under the knife for shoulder surgery. According to King Khan he says, “I usually don’t do anything on Valentine’s Day, so I’d like to get my surgery done then. It’s just that there’s so much work – I can’t afford to be lying flat on a hospital bed for a month. I do need this surgery, but once my movie Billu Barber is placed well, I’ll have more time.”

During the same interview, Shah Rukh Khan at his candid best, said to a a female reporter, “For you, darling, I can remove my jacket and even my shirt! However, I don’t have anything written across my chest!”

Also when asked what he plans to give his wife Gauri Khan for Valentine’s Day this year Shah Rukh Khan promptly replied, “I have gifted my entire life to Gauri. She produces all my movies and only if the film does well, she accepts any gifts. If my movie flops, then she does not accept any gift. I feel ‘Billu Barber’ is a beautiful film about relationships, love and friendship. I also have a good part in the film along with Irrfan Khan and Lara Dutta. If the film works well, my wife will accept a gift otherwise she will throw me out of the house.’”


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One response to “Shah Rukh Khan Gets Knifed on V-Day.

  1. Shilpa

    good luck to SRK!! he is the best! 🙂

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