Va Va Vama!

Sunny Sara & Bruna Abdula

Sunny Sara & Bruna Abdulla

Archana Vijaya and Pia Trivedi

Archana Vijaya and Pia Trivedi

Ishita Arun

Ishita Arun

Piya Rai

Piya Rai Choudhary

Sunny Sara, Acquin Paes & Harshad Chawan sure know how to throw a party (evidently anywhere!) Friday night walking into Vama on Peddar Road, Mumbai (an all-in-one shopping destination for your brands of choice) was like stepping into one of those glossy magazines. Models everywhere. (When the average height amongst the women is 5’10” and above you know you’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.)

It was the Spring-Summer collection launch of CK, Tommy and FCUK with all three super trendy brands under one roof (alongside many cocktails.)

Spotted Piya Rai Choudhary (who danced along to every Shair & Func song), BFFs Pia Trivedi and Archana Vijaya who posed and preened (as PYT’s do), Mukul Deora (who’s got a new album out next month FYI), Narendra Kumar Ahmed (who appears to have brought his party hat out of mourning), Ashish Reheja, Yudhistir, Ishita Arun (working her new super short crop) and Sveta Salve (who both headed over DJ Ivan’s retro night at Shiro post haste.)

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero

Shaiir & Funk

Shaiir & Func

No idea who the slightly scruffy guitar hero was but clearly this was his “rockstar” moment. Meanwhile Shair & Func rocked the house with killer tunes from Light Tribe and New Day – The Love Album. How apt are these lines for everyone in that room, especially the young and restless, walking tall and working it; “this too shall pass, but I do what I can to make it last!”



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3 responses to “Va Va Vama!

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  2. missmalini

    Hahaha yup its the Redbull effect! 🙂

  3. Malini.. good article and rather quick to update. Wasnt this just last night? lol.

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