Who Wants to be in a Quality Condom Commerical?

Everyone knows Gul Panag loves meaningful cinema and looks cute enough in that Tata Sky commercial with Aamir Khan. So guess what? She’s now looking at doing a “meaningful commercial” with Mr. Khan himself and she says she’d do it …”even if its for something like condoms!” (Yes Gul that’s real brave, although by saying it like that you make it sound a little unnecessarily dramatic and taboo no? Actually strike that this is India after all.)  She adds, “…and on the subject of condoms, people ought to learn to talk about condoms openly. The Censor Board needs to operate in a more rational manner. On one hand, we have population control initiatives, and on the other, the Censor Board chops a scene in Hello for a dialogue that has the word ‘condom’ in it. Isn’t that illogical?”

Yes captain. That is pretty illogical.


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