Move over Big B. there’s a new Sarkaar in town.

Sarkar- The Movie

Sarkar- The Movie

Ashutosh Rana

Ashutosh Rana

So there’s a new TV show on the block called Sarkaar ki Duniya hosted by (television bad ass) Ashutosh Rana on the spanking new Real TV, because obviously someone has figured out what reality TV junkies we desis really are. (It’s true what’s more satisfying than legit voyeurism for your average Indian, and I confess I love it too!)

Apparently its a cross between the Indian edition of Big Brother called Big Boss and Survivor featuring ordinary people (no really I checked, no sign of Rakhi Sawant) doing extraordinary things. I hear there’s s  female army captain on the show, a mother of two (probably just as skilled in emotional combat) and a Bengali film actress. 18 contestants who have surrendered their lived to the autocratic Sarkaar.  The man who rules the island. I’ll watch tonight and give you the gossip.

TV Alert: Real TV – Monday to Thursday at 10pm

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