Salman’s on Auto Pilot.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

So while all the headlines are screaming “Amrita Arora does what no one else can do – brings the Khan’s together at her sangee!” and all that they may however have overlooked one tiny detail. The fact that neither Salman Khan nor Shah Rukh Khan spoke or acknowledged each others presence at all. Not quite the “happy ending” to their on-going stalemate you’d expect from the headlines. Anyway Salman Khan looked all happy and nice at the sangeet till of course Shah Rukh Khan walked in and the media frenzy for a juicy bites began.

One journalist bravely asked Salman if they had made up at which point Salman got so upset he immediately left the venue and came out looking for his car. Upon not finding it he immediately stopped a passing autorickshaw (who’s probably going to thank his stars and tell this story for generations to come) and sat beside the auto driver and asked him to rush. After a few minutes Salman actually took over the controls and bolted from the location!


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