One for the Birds.

Shamita Singha

Shamita Singha

Shamita Singha sent around a request via SMS today to save the birds (from dehydration I’m guessing) encouraging everyone to put out a little water for them to drink on balconies, windows and terraces. A little random but quite sweet. Nice to know at least one pretty bird is thinking of the other kind (apologies for the bad pun but I simbly couldn’t resist!)

P.S. Is it really terrible if I put out water for all birds except pigeons?
I hate pigeons. (Sorry Masakali.)



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2 responses to “One for the Birds.

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  2. deepti

    lol..this was truly hilarious..i mean, long as we have ‘birds’ like these, entertainment value will never diminish..:)

    p.s. am still smiling!

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