Say Hello to the Tata Nano!

Ratan Tata and the Tata Nano

Ratan Tata and the Tata Nano

Why it costs what it costs.

Ratan Tata is finally launching this little number – the world’s cheapest car pegged for the general junta (i.e average folks.) Check out the specs above if you’re wondering how come its the one car pitted to cause the smallest dent in your wallet. The Tata Nano will take center stage at the Parsi Gymkhana Grounds, Marine Drive, Mumbai this coming Monday March 23rd after the press hoopla at the Taj crystal room earlier the same evening. Ironically “the people’s car” will be getting a glittering recpetion with corporate bigwigs and other VIPs who wouldn’t be caught dead driving one!


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One response to “Say Hello to the Tata Nano!

  1. A-Jay

    A proud moment for India and Indian Industry. Lets remind ourselves that the this major innovation in the auto/consumer product Industry came out of and Indian company in India. KUDOS!

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