“Subfusco” and other Stories.



The model who could.

The model who could.

Last night was a blast. Although it started out just being plain funny. Fosters threw a swanky soiree at the Four Seasons featuring a bunch of Australian designers. Now at this point we were all blissfully unacquainted with the manic emcee (who’s name I recently discovered is Mansi Bhohal and who’s high pitched voice I will never forget) and were giggling over the collections titled “Hussy” and “Subfusco” (what is “fusco” and what then would make something sub-fusco sort of thing.) Anyway, from the fairly amateur models that stomped and stuttered down the runway it was pretty obvious all the seasoned sashay-ers were still in Delhi for Fashion Week and we were witnessing the B lot. (Although the one odd model was pretty enough, there was something definitely askew about most of them.)



Hello Summer

Fosters Fashion

Then of course we had our Zoolander moment when one spunky male model did an entire bump & grind down the ramp never dropping his “blue steel” expression even for a second. (I have to say it takes either very brave or very brazen men to wear some of the short shorts on display in Kooey’s “Hello Summer” collection.)


Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan and friends

Meenakshi waves

Meenakshi waves

I spotted the clever young Indian novelist Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan (trust me and read her book, “You Are Here”) having a giggle in the front row with pals. She also shared my utter horror at the emcee who decided to impromptu interview Subfusco (who’s clothes apparently were lost in luggage land somewhere over the seven seas.) She rattled on about his absent collection (which I’m thinking she’s probably never seen) threw in a “wow friends” here and there and then decided to ask him the million dollar question; (which elicited a gasp of horror from the audience.) “So are you going to be inspired by India do you think? Like maybe the Taj Mahal or beggars?”

(Ah Slumdog, the stories you’ll tell.)

Mansi Bhohal

Mansi Bhohal

Neetu Chandra and Archana Kocher

Neetu Chandra and Archana Kochhar

Meanwhile Archana Kochhar commented that everything was going well expect for the disastrous lady with a microphone. Turns out the original emcee sprained her foot so couldn’t wear heels. (I think I ran into her at Cafe Goa on Tuesday, it was a apparently a stiletto related incident.)


Jessica Nicholas

Can’t say much for the pseudo Australian desi fashion but I quite liked the short choreographed instrumental interludes by Jessica Nicholas though.

Around 10:15pm we decided to hit the GQ Bar Night at Olive Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. Quite the glamorous turn out and I’m mystified at how they managed to keep the rif-raf out considering it was open bar and open house. (Now don’t judge me, I meant the droolers and shakers that love to cop a feel or down a freebie while scoping cleavage) FYI The gooseberry and strawberry capriocia’s were delish and the party seemed to be a roaring success (pictures to follow.)

Eventually though the rhythm is gonna get you and a fair amount of the GQ crew ended up at Zenzi in town (henceforth known as Zenzi Mills), Mumbai. It was of course salsa night and the waiters bopped along to the beat!

Spotted: Newlyweds Ashwin Mushran and Rebecca Maria Vaz

Ashwin & Rebecca

Ashwin & Rebecca



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9 responses to ““Subfusco” and other Stories.

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  3. missmalini

    And does that make Subfusco “less than darkish?”

  4. missmalini

    Hey there Joshua! Clearly you’re upset but that was bound to happen. I’m not criticizing anyone maybe making a little fun but honestly its all part of the whole wonderful fashion circus isn’t it?

    No publicity is bad publicity!

    The whole bit of cash injected to help fix our poverty issues I don’t quite see happening unless this event was all going to charity or something.

    Thanks for the translation on Fusco!

  5. Hi… everyone has opions, but when u critizie people trying to do business in your country, calling them names or making fun of their brand names, you should think twice.. India is a beautiful place, but has so much poverty. A bit of cash injected from overseas companies does help in small ways.
    Fusco as you wrote, well you should do your research.. it is latin for darkish and or deviated colour.

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  7. missmalini

    Hey Baton, thanks for your comments. So here’s the thing, while I see your point of view about some of the foreign models being professionals perhaps the overall effect of there being some very average ones too took away from the rest. I did comment on my blog that there was one who was quite good (I couldn’t tell if she was Indian or foreign.)

    Perhaps this has been your first experience with Indian Fashion Shows and unfortunately you’ve seen the less talented lot on ramp but trust me some Indian models are seriously gorgeous and walk very well which is why this struck me as a bit off even more. If you like check out any of my blogs about Fashion Week and you’ll see what I mean! India may be a world within itself but trust me we’ve figured out the whole razzle dazzle thing big time (its a whole industry in fact!) and when we do it usually do it very well. If you get a chance go to Lakme Fashion Week coming up next weekend and see for yourself!

    So I thought the show overall was entertaining but a little cheesy. The emcee was pretty bad you have to give me that! The whole thing with asking that Australian designer if he would be inspired by “the Taj Mahal or beggars” was just ridiculous and an embarrassment for India in general! I’ve also seen MANY better emcees so I wrote about that in the papers already in fact check it out https://missmalini.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/mumbai-24/

    Anyway I apologize if I caused you or any of the models any grief, this was just my point of view and purely based on various experiences I’ve had at similar events. I hope you’ll keep the faith (and keep reading my blog!)

  8. baton

    so… u didnt like the show…
    its ur opinion of course.. y dont u write one column to a good newspaper.. or fashion magazine maybe!
    im nothing to do with ur opinion.. but let me just say mine now.
    the models were there are professional! yes they are!
    i cant say anything about those indian models, cause if they go to any other country they’ll never pass in front of any model agency! whatever…
    but the foreign models.. they came here.. to india to make money.. to do jobs, they travel around the world doing so many jobs and doing good… what r u saying that they r amateur! the problem here in india its only one. INdia is a world inside the earth!
    everything here is so different from another places… im not saying that its bad… but its too different.. and i just cant agree with somethings that i read sometimes…

  9. tarunguy

    hey i was at the fashion show it was pretty sizzling i thing the guy performer was hot ..i think was raajeiv khinchi..can i get to know him more may be more pics..

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