Backstage with Shamita 2009

ss3Alright, So I’m back on these pages. And when you see my column appear, you know its fashion week. But this time around I am not writing in as a model but as a spectator. No, I haven’t retired, I am just exhausted (for the moment) as I just got back from Delhi fashion week. I can never understand why they always  decide to have all the fashion weeks at the same time. So anyway I thought for a change it would be nice for me to be on the other side of the fence and get my pay cheque for writing and not walking . Yes yes I will still be backstage and front stage too so you can get all the weed you need.

Lakme Fashion week is celebrating her 10th anniversary this year.  And the best birthday present she got is this brand new venue. Yup they have taken over this monstrosity called the Grand Hyatt.  Its almost like a return gift to everyone involved in this week as I only see happy faces around here.  The girls are happy with the super clean powder rooms and the boys cant stop eating all the yummy food that’s being served all day. A great change and much more comfortable than our earlier venue I have to say. Even for the buyers and guests coming in, this venue is centrally located and in terms of an image too it sends out a great message. All of us have been thirstily gulping down ‘masala chai’ all day which is doing the rounds and its so beautiful to see how the smallest most simplest things in life can light up anyones day. The best part is drinking it out of real cutting chai glasses which I think is definitely fashionable this season. And that too in a 5 star hotel! Super cool!

Kavita Kharayat and Shruti Aggarwal

Kavita Kharayat and Shruti Aggarwal

Shonali Rosario

Shonali Rosario

Anchal Kumar and Mashoom Singha bonding backstage

Anchal Kumar and Mashoom Singha bonding backstage










So fittings have gone off really smoothly. Narendra Kumar is way too excited about his new jeans line for men and women labeled ‘Nari Nari’. Precisely tailored, very chic and some great prints to look out for. Manish Malhotra looked a bit stressed considering he just got back from fashion week in Delhi and has come straight here to put up not one but two shows for Bombay. But he wasn’t stressed about his clothes or fittings, he is having a tough time deciding on music for both his shows as he wants the tracks to be totally different from each other. Wendell Rodricks shot his new clothes line today and is very pleased with the results. And I am even more pleased as I have had the privilege to see the pictures first and I am happy to share a sneak preview with you!

Wendell Rodricks new collection

Wendell Rodricks new collection

Tomorrow is Day 1. And the opening show is the ‘Barbie’ show. Yup she celebrates 50 years this year and I have to agree that in my growing up years(And I still do) thought she was the most fashionable girl I had ever seen. We have 30 designers come together to showcase one creation each that represents how they would dress up Barbie. Wow. So lots to celebrate about. For me too. Its officially my tenth year as well in this industry. And I intend to celebrate every minute of it!


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