Backstage with Shamita 2009 (IV)

ss3Today’s day was dedicated to mens fashion. Ever since Lakme fashion week introduced this dedicated day to mens wear, I always wake up excited that day. For 2 reasons. Firstly backstage is full of these gorgeous hunks all day and secondly yes we do need to concentrate on mens fashion very seriously in our country. Troy Costa is one such designer who always blows my mind in that department. “I don’t do Indian wear on purpose because every other designer does that and we have a lot of great Indian wear to choose from. But very few concentrate on western ensembles for men” Troy said. I totally agree with him and thank god for designers like him who makes classic as well as very funky outfits, the kind we women like to see men in. He was particularly very proud of his quilted ties in this collection and also said they were very hard to do. Narendra Kumar had a live band play through his show as his boys walked down the ramp. Farhan Akhtar couldn’t stop grooving to the band as they rocked the whole atmosphere. He still looked like he was still in the mold of his character from ‘Rock on’. Shair N Funk played away nonstop and the lead singer even ran up and down the ramp causing a stir every now n again.



Backstage was abuzz with a whole lot of celebs for the Mai Mumbai show. Done for a noble cause and a very thoughtful venture, all the clothes were later being auctioned to help the victims of 26/11. Priety Zinta raved about Anamika Khanna’s creation to the hilt. But I wonder if she bought it later for the cause? Vikram Phadnis seemed a bit upset that no one knew that the opening garment worn by Naomi Campbell was his as no announcement was made but his name flashed up on the A/V screens as she walked but most people missed it. Ritu Kumar felt that the international designers did not do justice to the cause. ‘There was no soul in the garments sent by the international designers, unlike us Indian designers who can relate to exactly what happened and put our heart into it’. Said Kumar.  Naomi Campbell opened the show after a brief introduction made by the dishy Rahul Khanna. Thereafter there were a host of celebs who walked and completely overshadowed even the existence of a Naomi Campbell.  Towards the end they all walked down in T-shirts made by all our designers stating ‘Mai Mumbai’ just after Deepika Padukone breezed in and out wearing a stunning gold gown. All in all it was heart warming to see so many of us get together to support Mumbai. And it totally faded out all the wannabe Delhi-ites in the house!

Kunal Roy Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar

Kunal Roy Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar

Kunal Roy Kapoor, Farhan Aktar and Arjun Rampal chilling backstage after the Mai Mumbai show

Kunal Roy Kapoor, Farhan Aktar and Arjun Rampal chilling backstage after the Mai Mumbai show



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