That Vikram Chatwal’s So Hot Right Now.

Vikram Chatwal, last I heard was shipped off to foreign lands over an embarrassing face off with Avanti Birla which left Yash Birla fuming. But now he’s back and with quite the bang rolling fashion and passion all into one featuring Naomi Campbell in a collection entitled Mai Mumbai in aid of 26/11 victims relief. But you knew all that.

Here’s the bit you may have missed! So I make Zoolander (2001) references all the time (partly because my friends are semi obsessed with it and quote from it constantly) and partly because it does a pretty good job of encapsulating what the world of male models is like in India as well. (Apologies fellows but I have proof.)

How ironic (and yet oddly fantastic) is it that our very own notorious Mr. Chatwal has a blink-and-you-miss-it non-speaking, non-acting part in the very same movie?! Yup. Vikram plays a member of “Hansel’s entourage” and features as “guy in red turban” through out the pre “walk off” scene.


(If you have STILL not seen this movie I must stop you here and ask that you beg, borrow or steal a copy this week. It will make Fashion Week all the more delightful for you and all your friends.) Here’s why…


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