Kat not Aish is the new Barbie Girl!

Katrina Kaif has revealed that Aish was never in the running for a barbie doll modeled after her. In fact it’s official Katrina Kaif is the new Barbie girl. Kat quipped, “As far as I know, Aishwarya Rai was never under consideration. It was me. So I don’t know where these stories came from.” Katrina’s face will now adorn those of Barbie dolls worldwide. And the actress is for once openly flattered. “I’d call it a fun honor.” Katrina Kaif wore a a pink dress (like the one designed for the Katrina Barbie) at the Fashion Week and revealed that she has been in negotiations with Mattel for nearly six months. “It finally came together for the 50th year celebration of Barbie,” she reveals. The doll’s look and dress were planned in collaboration with Kat.  Katrina Kaif will become the first Indian and join the likes of Beyonce Knowles, Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross, who have all had their own limited edition celebrity Barbies.

(I guess Salman Khan could be back in the running for Ken then.)


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