Backstage with Shamita 2009 (VI)

The last day of fashion week was all about pure fashion. Just how it should be. All the bollywood mania was over the day before and now it was time to get back to business. Anil Chopra, Advisor- Lakme, looked like a happy man and the look on his face suggested that all had gone well. “We have had 90% attendance in terms of the buyers that registered so its been a full house” said Ravi Krishnan on behalf of IMG. Fashion is serious business. And we are definitely heading towards featuring on the world map. Narendra Kumar showcased yet another line but this time it was concentrated on women. His inspiration was all us women who love to gossip. By the way in my opinion men like to gossip equally as much but just don’t like to admit it.  It was all about 3 friends who are liberated, don’t really care about what people think and indulge in uninhibited talk. He had 3 girls chatting away live in the sound console as the background score for his show which I thought was a pretty cool idea. Sailex showed off his stunning line yet again. I remember last year he was one of the GenNext designers and we loved his collection even then. Today he s flying solo and was amazing to see how the GenNext platform has helped him to do that. Arjun Saluja showcased some fabulous construction and Mandira Wirk outdid herself this time. I’m glad she has come to Bombay to be a part of Lakme fashion week as according to me she never got her due in Delhi. Her line was super chic and very autumn-winter. Beautiful coats and skirts that made me want to be in the winter of Milan or New York. That should actually be the spirit of winter where u are dressed up such that one is  happy being there. A lot of the designers briefed the models to look grim and austere trying to keep the mood of autumn winter going but loosen up guys, winter isn’t so bad! Make up and hair looks for most of the designers worked and thick bushy eyebrows was a rage this time so time to grow out those eyebrows ladies! So all in all I saw a lot of evolvement take place this season and all those stories about designs n things being ripped off from someone else, I’m sorry I beg to differ. Most of the worlds designers follow a fashion forecast that is predicted by authentic governing bodies that set out trends for every season. So how can anyone blame designers for copying each other when all they are doing is keeping in mind the trend for the next season? Moreover with our Indian designers, all come from different yet similar backgrounds of culture and tradition that a lot of them like to preserve and project in their clothes. Would you call that ripping each others designs, looks or even workmanship? None of our designers are so foolish to out and out copy another when they know we have some excellent fashion critics sitting in the front row and a host of buyers looking for business in something different and new. Inspirations could also land up being similar depending upon the scenario of the times, and its called coincidence not plagiarism. I think our industry has grown enough to understand that we grow together as a whole and not by eating each other. And on this note, I would like to end my finale piece. See you next season.


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