Nisha JamVwal’s Head Gear

Nisha JamVwal

Nisha JamVwal

Navaz Modi Singhania

Navaz Modi Singhania

Mona Singh

Mona Singh

Oh look more hats.  Hot on the heels of Prahlad Kakkar, Nisha JamVwal’s personal hat collection came to life at Lakme Fashion Week 2009 at the Carlsberg Lounge. Ritu Beri also designed a special hat to add to the the millinery which was flown down from Delhi for the occasion.  The various hat connoisseurs included Mamta Raja, Mona Singh, Monica Vazirali, Navaz Modi Singhania, Ritu & Kiran Janjani, Ruchi Gujrati, Vida Samzai, and Viveka Babji.

I hear Sapna Bhavnani was also part of the celebrity “what style means to me” parade and got her gazillionth tattoo done there live. Carlsberg flew down a French tattoo artist (who now lives in Hrishikesh) I’m told there were no lines, it was all done in dots. Gosh that girl’s got guts (or very thick skin!)


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