The Number Game

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

This just in; apparently the Mumbai Mirror has printed a story about Kangana Ranaut being 28 and not 22 years old. * gasp*

    The actress is furious and whipped out her passport forcing the tabloid into printing a retraction tomorrow. Her PR machinery has kicked in requesting the media not the fuel the rumor (ironically I probably wouldn’t have known about it to begin with had it not been for the sms but whatever!) I love the Pahlaj Nihalani quote, “When we asked Pahlaj about Kangana’s age, he brushed off the issue saying that, A woman’s age in Bollywood is never above 21-22.”

    This reminds me however of another age controversy to do with the notorious Mallika Sherwat (formerly known as Reema Lamba. In 2006 the tabloids insisted that Mallika could not be 25 years old as claimed by her mother. Instead, she could well have been 35 years old based on a group photo taken way back 1995 when she was working as an air hostess. Records showing her age then to be 23. Her fabulous comeback to that of course was an amused, “You know something. I’m 45 and I have two grand kids!”

    Mallika Sherawat in 1995 (far right)

    Mallika Sherawat in 1995 (far right)



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    2 responses to “The Number Game

    1. Melinda

      whooooaaa that doesn’t even look like mallika! She sure has changed (in a good way)…I don’t know why bollywoood is so caught up in age…I mean Mallika looks hella good whatever age she is

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