Ajay Devgan’s 40th Birthday Present

Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty

Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty

Ajay Devgan turns 40 today but will have no time to dwell on his aging-blues since he’ll be zipping around in the modified sportscar his director buddy Rohit Shetty gave him as a birthday present! So it turns out they’ve been friends for the last 18 years since Rohit was an assistant director on Devgan’s debut film “Phool Aur Kaante” and claims, “Ajay is a car freak. He digs fast, stylish, sleek cars and loves driving.”

Ajay’s apparently been through a range of vehicles including a Maserati and Ferrari, now he has a Z-Class Mercedes and a Swift which he to his Karjat farmhouse or even to Goa  with his personal van following him. But from now on it’ll be a modified version of a Toyota Celica. A pretty sleek looking race car which was re-built and designed by VJ Rannvijay and  took two and a half months to make. When quizzed about the cost of the modification, Rohit says, “The bill is yet to come!”

Rohit says “There was no point in giving him a normal car as it wouldn’t be of value to him. When I presented it to him last Sunday at Madh Island, where we were shooting for All The Best, he loved it!” Ajay also reveals that “Though Ajay loved his gift, I loved the car more  so much that I told him he had to give it back to me to use for the shoot and since he’s the producer, he had to agree! In my film “All The Best”, Ajay’s character modifies cars so we have plenty of vehicles in the film.”

Rohit is known for demolishing and blowing up cars in his films but luckily Ajay’s ride is safe though he intends to  blow up 25 other cars in All The Best. (Jeez guys its recession time can’t you use CGI or something and give those cars away?)

Rohit also adds that Devgan’s paperwork is in place for his modified car. When Vivek Oberoi had his car modified by Dilip Chabria, he had run into trouble. A modified car, according RTO records, is in violation of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 because its body has been significantly changed and the engine tweaked.



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