Sanju Baba’s Election Blues

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt

There’s a general sentiment of disappointment among friends and family about Sanjay Dutt not being allowed to contest elections.

Sunil Shetty “It’s very unfortunate that Baba (Sanjay Dutt) couldn’t contest but I am sure they have a strategy in place. I know for a fact that he was drawing more crowds in Lucknow than anyone in the history of politics and it would have been brilliant for his party as Sanju would have been a sure-shot winner. I would have loved campaigning for him and nobody could have kept me away. Apart from being a dear friend of mine, he’s a great human being. I have never campaigned for political parties but for my friends. Sanju never asked me to campaign. I volunteered on my own. Sanju knows I will always be there for him. I know many stars who promised to campaign but shied away. I would never do that. I am personally very disappointed that Sanju couldn’t contest. We need good people like him in politics.”

Bunty Walia (a close friend and producer of Dutt’s film Lamhaa) “I am disappointed but I guess that’s the law of the land. I tried calling him after the verdict but he was traveling so I couldn’t get through. It would have been great if he had been granted permission. Sanju is a darling of the masses and he could have got certain issues to the government. Being in the Parliament as an MP was the best platform for him to voice the opinion of the people as the common man’s voice is heard there. But I am sure even if he’s not able to contest, Sanju has his goodwill and good work. He will always be there to help the people and make his voice heard.”

Amitabh Bachchan “The decision of the Honorable Supreme Court must be respected.”

Namrata Dutt (Dutt’s sister) “I wouldn’t like to comment on this. It’s a decision of the Honourable Supreme Court.”

So what’s your verdict?


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  1. Very nice bollywood information blog. i liked it. keep writing yaar more on hindi movies . best of luck from our team

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