Super Car Sunday

Narain Karthikeyan

Narain Karthikeyan

Gautam Singhania

Gautam Singhania and Narain Karthikeyan

This Sunday at 10am Narain Karthikeyan will be flagging off some of Mumbai’s big boys in their fast cars from Kala to Siddhivinayak as part of The Parx Super Car Show presented by Shell Helix Motor Oils arranged by Autocar Magazine in association with Bellset Entertainment to launch India’s first Super Car Club.  A presentation of 40 of the finest performance and prestige cars along with their owners. Celebrity guests include Shiny Ahuja (who’s contemplating getting behind the wheel) John Abraham (who’s not) and Akshay Khilachand, Adar & Yohan Poonawlla, Sunny Dewan, Anil Ambani and  Gautam Singhania who are raring to race. Once they finish the rally they’ll head to Joss for brunch and post drive drinks. I wonder if Ajay Devgan wants to take his new wheels for a spin?


Singhania's Lamborghini

Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

Audi R8

Audi R8

Some of the cars present for display will be Lamborghini, Porsche Caymen, Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe; BMW X-6, Bentley Continental GT, Nissan GTR and Audi R8.

Last I heard Vijay Mallya was going from bikini calendars to special edition sports cars associated with popular brands. Raymonds MD Gautam Singhania was planning to join Mallya’s club by associating his Parx brand with an exclusive line of sports cars. Singhania has initiated talks with a Maharashtra-based family, engaged in the business of making exclusive sports cars for select clients, to produce the range of Parx Roadsters. Incidentally, Singhania was himself among the first clients of this family’s indigenously produced sports car – Chinkara.



Priced at Rs 6.7 lakh, the two-seater Chinkara car has borrowed its suspension, steering system and brake columns from Maruti and is powered by an Isuzu 1.8 litre petrol engine sourced from Hindustan Motors. This makes the car easy to maintain and can be fixed by any mechanic or garage owner. Prior to this, Mallya had joined hands with the Goa-based San Motors to launch a limited number of sportscars (using the company’s in-production model Storm) under the Kingfisher Sports brand. Meanwhile, Bothe is now building a three-seater version of its sportscar. Besides, she is also working on an amphibious vehicle based on HM’s RTV platform. While HM will provide the chasis and the RTV body, Chinkara will design and produce the amphibious vehicle.



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