Could you be the most beautiful man in the world?




Meet Anastasios “Sakis” Rouvas aka Saki Rouva a popular dance-pop singer, actor, composer and television presenter. He’s Greek and 36  years old and is considered to be (sorry Brad Pitt) the most beautiful man in  the world. (I’m not entirely sure by who’s authority or anything but you have to admit he’s pretty good eye candy regardless.)



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6 responses to “Could you be the most beautiful man in the world?

  1. Aki

    Gay or not…he has a beautiful wife who is a model and they have a beautiful baby girl. he is going to be a father in the near future..this time it is a boy. As for beautiful, he is often referred to as most beautiful as he has the “package”. He is great looking, he is an athlete, he is a dancer, an actor, a presenter, an ambassador of Greece on many events, now a husband and father and is looked up to as he has the ideal life and family. And once again..his looks are to die for him and he’ll bring you pages and pages of beautiful pics to look at.


  3. microsofter

    i think he is hot! i would shag him any day! i wouldnt say he is the most beautiful man in the world though…
    ..more like the cutest.

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  5. ok…..But….I think is gay…

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