Why Dino and Lara are Splitsville

Dino Morea & Lara Dutta

Dino Morea & Lara Dutta

Nandita Mahtani

Nandita Mahtani

Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorji ended up in a similar spot some time ago when Kelly’s once-upon-a-time best friend swept in and scored the girl. Now it looks like Kelly may be having the last laugh since Dino’s ex factor may have put a spanner in the works. Nandita Mahtani’s hovering presence has being cited as the cause for the split. Mostly because Lara just couldn’t take it any more. If you recall a few months ago, Lara had walked out of Shah Rukh’s party at Mannat because Nandita was getting a bit too cosy with Dino.

Apparently, Dino and Nandita have some unfinished business since she was also a constant feature in his entourage at  Amrita Arora’s sangeet last month. I’m told, “Dino did not object to Nandi adjusting his shirt or touching his face it was obvious to onlookers that she was flirting with him.”

Lately Dino and Lara have been attending events alone. Lara was seen at Vikram Chatwal and Queenie Dhody’s Fashion Week party on March 28 solo. Dino was hardly at Fashion Week at all. Lara has been telling friends bitterly that “all men are like that.” I also hear  that Dino has been trying to contact Lara for the past week for a reconciliation. But she was busy shooting in Thailand for Blue. In fact, Lara has stopped taking Dino’s calls. She’s also upset with the fact that Kelly, who has been a good friend has broken off all contact with her because of Dino.”

When contacted, Lara maintains, “I never commented on my personal life earlier. I won’t start doing that now.”



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